OUr Girl

Anna Charles' Story

 Life changed forever on April 15, 2018. Our beautiful, passionate and spunky 6-year-old daughter, AC, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on that day. 2 days later she was paralyzed from her chest down, confined to a wheelchair, never to walk again. On September 16, 2018, after a short, but valiant battle with her cancer, she passed away into the Lord's arms. Her little body couldn't handle aggressive treatment for relapsed AML.  She never once complained about her situation. Instead she celebrated each day like it was her last. She leaves a legacy of Faith, Hope and Love...and God isn't done with her story. Much more to come. Her story isn't finished. Neither is mine...or yours. 

Faith, Hope and Love

I'm Benji, AC's father. She saved my life while we were trying to save hers. She led me straight to God. The love and joy that radiated from AC, friends, family, doctors, nurses, strangers, etc. were life changing. She passed away from this earth on September 16, 2018, but she still continues to impact our lives. I think it's important to share how God is sustaining us through this tragedy, and how He's continuing to use her life story to create blessings. I also want to help fight the battle against pediatric cancer. We need ALL parents to get involved, not just the ones who are personally impacted. Lastly, I hope this blog will help others through their trials of pain and suffering.  I miss AC with all of my heart, but I'm so thankful that God selected me to be her daddy. What a gift! 


Faith, hope and love are found here.